Make your Community & Business Thrive

Coliving Community & Business Program

Enhance your community experience,
benefit your business and generate social & environmental value. 

By co-learning alongside other shared living operators,
your team will develop new strategies that support residents to feel






Other benefits of the program:

Tailored to
your team & needs

Once your participating team members are confirmed, they will inform the content of the program during the onboarding process. Maximize value by bringing together several key players from different areas of your organization.

common mistakes

Exchange with others regarding challenges and mistakes. Set in place best practice standard operating procedures (SOPs) and strategies for your teams to be empowered towards success. 

Designed for
busy schedules

There is embedded flexibility into live sessions, content and knowledge integration. While most participants will take the full program, additional team members can choose to assist relevant sessions.

Take your concept
to the next level

Embed best practices into your blueprints and create a consistent DNA across all your sites. The program will help reduce operational costs, gain access to funding, and increase media & marketing exposure.

Be part of a
global movement

Align yourself with pioneering operators who are helping humanity shift towards a new paradigm and culture based on wellbeing and flourishing. Foster practices that strengthen connection with oneself, others, and nature.

Tap into 7+ years of
best practices R&D

The program is based on extensive research into thriving shared living communities and businesses. Enhance the user and community experience, drive impact, strengthen team dynamics and enhance growth.

Who is it for?

If you are already in operations, this program might be for you!
The program is designed for community, operations, marketing and strategic teams.
Bring your key players together to maximize impact and enhance team dynamics. 

Join the waiting list for the next cohort

Book an exploratory call to determine if the program is a good fit for you.
We will also explore whether your team would be a good fit for the next program cohort.
If so, you will be able to join the wait list for the next cohort starting in Q4 2024.

Program benefits include: 

“If you want to connect with other coliving actors out there as well as get great input about both community and team building, operational structuring, and general best practices in customer care such as dealing with conflicts and avoiding them in the first place leaving a much more happier coliving environment, I highly recommend joining the program. I have enjoyed every bit of it and learned so much!”

It’s been a game changer while evaluating all our processes and internal practices!

The program does a great job of breaking down the customer journey and helping you dive deeper in to each part. It provides you with all the best sources you need to feel inspired and learn while allowing you to speak with others going through the same thing as you!

Glad to be part of this journey and explore all the possibilities together!

If you are looking for tangible best practices, and a supportive community to bounce ideas off of, this is the program for you."

One of the best parts of the course was connecting with people from Coliving spaces around the world. Hearing diverse perspectives has broadened our horizons and provided us with a plenty of ideas and tips to implement!

Being part of a larger ecosystem has been invaluable. We are learning so much from the program moderators, the resources shared with us and fellow participants, enriching our understanding of co-living and its potential to shape the future of community living.

It's been amazing to be part of this program 🙌🏼 Thank you Naima, Matt, Penny, Juan and all the participants 🙂 !

Your program co-leads

Naima Ritter Figueres

Head of Community & Wellbeing
Conscious Coliving

Naima is a Transformational Coach and facilitator/ trainer in mindfulness, sharing circles, and how to live and lead more consciously. She facilitates authentic community engagement strategies for coliving businesses and spaces.


Matt Lesniak

Head of Impact & Innovation
Conscious Coliving

As an entrepreneur, community facilitator and impact strategist, Matt Lesniak works at the cross sections of the community building, impact, placemaking and shared living sectors. Matt supports organisations develop frameworks to measure and report on their economic, environmental and social impact.

penny clark coliving community

Dr Penny Clark

Head of Sustainability & Research
Conscious Coliving

Penny is a co-founder and Head of Research and Sustainability at Conscious Coliving. Since then she has worked with coliving developers on their impact strategies, as well as running workshops and giving presentations on impact strategies and coliving at conferences.

Juan Ortiz

Head of Comms & Tech
Conscious Coliving

Juan is a Communications Strategist, Project Manager, Systems Engineer, Team Coach and Executive Coach with an ontological/systemic approach. He facilitates connection for individuals, teams, and communities.

conscious community facilitation

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