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About Coliving Conversations

The first season of Coliving Conversations will kick off with new podcasts aired every two weeks and can be listened to on many platforms including Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast and at show asks the question –  how is shared living already tackling some of the biggest challenges that we face today AND how can we scale it in the way that the world needs?  

You will gain insight into the latest trends shaping the industry and hear loads of practical tips related to shared living business models, technology, and investment as well as how to enhance community, wellbeing and sustainability. Each episode will shine insight onto the latest trends shaping the industry and discuss multiple successful case studies with loads of practical tips.

Season 1 partners

Coly is a shared living matchmaker, designed for fast, inclusive and accurate tenant matching

Spaceflow is a digital tenant experience platform that increases building efficiency and resident enjoyment

Go Human Go! is a global collective of digital professionals supporting people and planet

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