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    Featured Resources from Conscious Coliving

    • The Conscious Coliving Manifesto v3.0: Shared living can fulfill its potential by enabling connection with self, others, and nature. An open-source framework for shared living players. It promotes a culture of connection and flourishing at its heart and is enabled through strategic pillars. The manifesto was a finalist and public vote winner for “Best Initiative Fostering Coliving”.
    • Coliving in 2023 & Beyond Guide: What is coliving? What are its benefits and impact on residents, businesses, neighbourhoods, cities and the world? And, how can you measure and optimize this impact? In this guide, you will find inspiring examples of coliving spaces from 6 continents. Also see examples of coliving for digital nomads, remote workers, urban dwellers, students, entrepreneurs, seniors and families.
    • Coliving Business Models: An overview of typologies and models, including asset-light business models. Explore challenges such as planning approvals, financial viability, multi-stakeholder engagement and corporate sustainability. Also, understand the impact of the pandemic on coliving businesses. 
    • Coliving Apps, Software & Tech Guide: This guide explores 60+ software solutions to support coliving operators create thriving resident and community experiences. What is the ideal PMS & Community Building solution? And, what are tech options for coworking, sustainability, wellbeing, finances, security and digital access? Find out!
    • Coliving Investment: Perhaps you are looking to raise funds and/or invest in coliving. This short guide explores coliving as an investment opportunity, as well as the demand and resiliency of the sector. 
    • Coliving Research: This page offers an overview of research, trends and insights. While the main focus is coliving, it also includes related shared living typologies. Explore social value, wellbeing, community engagement, architecture, design, business model, technology and policy.
    • Coliving Conversations: a podcast series that shines light on the people, projects, and places of the blossoming coliving movement. The series shares the latest trends shaping the industry and you can hear loads of practical tips related to shared living business models, technology, and investment as well as how to enhance community, wellbeing and sustainability.
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    Communication, Engagement & Facilitation Resources

    • The Community Facilitation Handbook: Award-winning handbook with strategies, tools & more to make your community flourish. Written by 3 co-authors with valuable input from over 15 contributors from the industry. You will learn why to invest in the community, how to leverage the role of the community facilitator and how to avoid common community building mistakes.  
    • How to Foster Thriving Community [Keynote]: A summary of a keynote delivered to the staff of The Student Hotel that explores how a thriving community is beneficial for the members and the business side of shared living. 
    • Why Communities Fail: An article sharing five reasons why communities fail and six approaches for how to improve community resilience.

    ESG, Social Value & Impact Resources

    • Webinar: “How to embed ESG & social value”: Overview of what an impact framework is and why you should have one for your shared living businesses. This webinar is designed to help you to get started on your impact journey, and feel grounded in how to think about ESG & social value in relation to your shared living business. 
    • Coliving & Cohousing Research: Creating Sustainable Cultures: Dr. Penny Clark shares findings from her doctoral research on coliving, cohousing and environmental sustainability. In particular, she discusses how community living lowers negative environmental impacts through both physical and social infrastructure.

    Great Resources from the Coliving Industry

    • Coliving Insights: digital publications that explore innovative initiatives throughout the coliving sector. Their reports showcase the world’s leading coliving projects and thoughts leaders, in order to help evolve and consolidate the shared living sector.
    • The European Coliving Best Practice Guide: The ULI and JLL Best Practice Guide for Coliving across Europe outlines the opportunities and barriers in the sector and sets out recommendations for industry players. The Best Practice Guide has been formulated to provide greater insight into the rapidly evolving coliving sector across Europe—and to provide an expert view on market-leading examples of best practice in the sector.
    • Coliving From the Trenches: in this blog series coliving operator Carlos de la Lama-Noriega Pfrimmer shares years of lessons learned from operating a hacker house in Silicon Valley. In his own words, “You’ll find good times, bad times, and royal fuck-ups.”
    • The Art of Coliving: Gui Perdrix, director of Co-Liv, and founder of Art of Co, conducted 120+ interviews to craft this amazing book. It included 20 worksheets and 40+ case studies. Develop community and resident experiences and optimise coliving businesses. Learn the fundamentals: Current and future state of coliving, designing and implementing your coliving concept. Ultimately, learn how to build genuine community at scale.
    • How to Start a Coliving Business: Daniel Beck, CEO of, created this free and comprehensive guide back in 2018. Explores communication, legal, partnerships, pricing, technology, sales, retention, and more. Edited by Nikki Zimbler. 
    • The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Coliving Business: Peter Fabor started a coliving business in 2013. Then, scaled it to 3 spaces in Spain, California, and Portugal. While Peter’s business model later on pivoted to company retreats, this simple and easy to read guide remains useful. The guide explores community, house rules, software, branding and more about building coliving ventures.
    • Coliving Resources: A directory of the major resources to understand the coliving industry. Discover the online library curated by Co-Liv’s Gui Perdrix and Connor Moore. This summary of over 15 hours of educational videos, 150+ podcast episodes, and 7,000 pages of content will help you become a coliving expert in no time. It is composed of 12 categories.

    Want to Contribute?

    As you can see, there is no shortage of collaboration and openness when it comes to the coliving industry. Follow your curiosity and explore these resources. The knowledge you are looking for is most likely our there, so all you need to do is find it!

    And if you don’t find what you are looking for, why not create it and share it? Let us know of other resources that you think could be included in this curated list.

    All the best in your coliving journey!

    – Naima & Juan

    This guide has been coauthored for you by:

    Transformational Coach and facilitator. Trainer in mindfulness, sharing circles, and how to live and lead more consciously. Co-author of the Community Facilitation Handbook and the Coliving Apps & Tech Guide. Facilitates community engagement strategies.

    Juan Ortiz

    Juan is a Communications Strategist, Project Manager, Systems Engineer, Team Coach and Executive Coach with an ontological/systemic approach. Co-author of the <a href="/coliving-apps-tech-guide/">Coliving Apps, Software & Tech Guide</a> and contributor of <a href="/the-community-facilitation-handbook/">The Community Facilitation Handbook</a>. He facilitates connection for individuals, teams, and communities.

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