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This page offers an overview of coliving research, trends and insights that support the different areas and pillars of The Conscious Coliving Manifesto v3.0. You will find a curated list exploring geographies, social value, environmental value, community engagement, business models, policy & regulations, technology and more.

Research into coliving, a nascent residential typology, is important. This is given its growth trajectory and potential for helping solve some of the key global challenges we face today.

So let’s dive right in!

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    The Coliving Industry: Growth, Trends & Data

    Coliving research across different geographies

    • For a focus on the European market, see JLL’s European Coliving Index 2019, which explores the opportunities within the coliving market across Europe. It provides insight into the key factors driving demand. See also CBRE’s 2020 report Europe Co-Living: Key Trends and Key Cities. CBRE’s report covers 40 markets that either already have a coliving presence or present strong opportunities.
    • For UK-based information on what is important to shared living residents, consult The Shared Living Survey 2021, prepared by Matt Baker. Plus, Knight Frank’s 2019 UK Multihousing PRS Research report investigates PRS trends, renter personality profiles and priorities. Also, it explores investor appetite. 
    • For research of the Indian coliving market, see Co-Living: Reshaping Rental Housing in India, a 2019 report by JLL. Also, Knight Frank’s report “Co-Living: Rent a Lifestyle”.  
    • For a look at the US market, see Survey of the Coliving Landscape. This 2019 report by Cushman and Wakefield that explores key drivers for coliving and coliving players within the US. In addition, Diana Lind’s 2019 book Brave New Home tells the story of the rise of suburban housing in the US. The book explores how housing options such as coliving may provide answers to changing lifestyles.

    Research on Coliving's Social & Environmental Value

    • The 2018 collection of essays on Coliving and the Common Good, commissioned by the RSA, explores how coliving might solve modern living challenges, with a focus on urban spaces. 

    Research on Coliving and Wellbeing

    • Official findings from the IKEA’s Life at Home Report, reveals how home shapes people’s lives and wellbeing around the world. One statistic shows that 67% of people living in coliving experienced a positive impact on their mental wellbeing thanks to strong community connections. 

    Community Facilitation & Engagement

    • The Community Facilitation Handbook offers strategies, tools and practices to help make communities flourish. This resource, which won the 2021 Coliving Award for best thought leadership piece, is available to download for free here
    • Technology also plays a key role in facilitating community and creating a great resident experience. Explore the Coliving Apps, Software & Tech Guide to learn about tech best practices and key tech players in coliving.
    • Coliving Insights’ sixth edition, Fostering Thriving Communities in Shared Living brings together coliving research from: operators, experience designers, consultancies, tech platforms, community builders and more. Its focus is an exploration of how best to foster authentic communities in coliving.
    • Responding to the Rise of Solo Living, an article by Anwyn Hocking based on her master’s thesis research, looks at the experience of community in large, purpose-built shared living. Hocking’s explores the nuances of community life, depicting its positives and negatives.

    Coliving Architecture & Design

    As shared living grows in popularity, there are emerging resources and research on how best to design with sharing, socialising and privacy in mind.

    Coliving Research on Business Models

    • For an overview of coliving business models, common challenges and best practices, check out the Conscious Coliving Coliving Business Model resource.
    • Industry magazine Coliving Insights’ fourth publication, Invest, Develop, Operate and Scale, explores and showcases best business practice through the voices of those in the sector. 

    Coliving Policy & Regulations

    • Citizens Housing & Planning Council (CHPC) is a non-profit organization focused on housing and planning policy in New York City. Their simple guide, Making Shared Housing Work, pulls out core themes. According to shared housing practitioners, these themes should be considered by operators and regulators.
    • The Large-scale Purpose-built Shared Living (LSPBSL) guidance developed by the Greater London Authority provides information on how to apply London Plan Policy H16 to ensure the development of these spaces in a way that is of good quality, well-managed and integrated into their surroundings.

    Coliving Technology, Software & Apps

    Technology is a key enabler of the coliving movement.

    • The Coliving Mobile Apps Survey is a collaborative research project to understand how operators are using mobile apps to optimise resident user and community experience. You can fill out the survey here.

    Publications & Media

    Many media channels are now focusing on coliving. We share a few of these below.

    • Coliving Insights releases quarterly publications that explore innovative initiatives throughout the coliving sector.
    • The Art of Coliving: Gui Perdrix, director of Co-Liv and founder of Art of Co., carried out extensive coliving research for years. Recently, Gui released a fantastic workbook, guide and companion. This wonderful book helps understand, think and create life-enhancing coliving spaces at scale.


    • Running from 2018 to 2021, The Coliving Code podcast by coliving tech entrepreneur, Christine McDannell, has interviews from over 120 coliving industry leaders, founders and investors. 
    • Non-profit coliving powerhouse, Co-Liv, began turning their numerous online meet-ups into podcasts. Co-Liv’s meetup are a great way for you to deepen your coliving research. You can listen to The Co-Liv Podcast here.
    • Conscious Coliving’s podcast, Coliving Conversations, shines a light on projects, people and places that are pioneering the coliving movement. The show will highlight common challenges and innovative solutions regarding: community, wellbeing, sustainability, technology, and business models of coliving.

    Looking for Support on Coliving Research & Reports?

    We specialize in carrying out, summarizing and presenting top-notch research for events, conferences, studies and reports.

    We can provide you with specific research for your shared living endeavors and/or work with members of your team to offer additional research capabilities and expertise.

    In addition, we also offer research based speaking and writting engagements

    Further Coliving Research

    Feel free to share with us any latest research developments you find relevant. This page will evolve over time. 

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    We hope you found this overview of coliving related research useful! 

    This guide has been co-authored for you by:

    Penny is passionate about the potential for shared living. She has a doctorate in sustainability and shared living, and an MSc in social research methods. She conducts research and consults on shared living projects.

    Transformational Coach and facilitator. Trainer in mindfulness, sharing circles, and how to live and lead more consciously. Co-author of the Community Facilitation Handbook and the Coliving Apps & Tech Guide. Facilitates community engagement strategies.

    Matt is responsible for designing community experience and impact strategies and measuring the social value of coliving communities. Matt is also a founding member and current Head of Community of Co-Liv and has worked for The Collective on their Impact Team.

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