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Our team of shared living industry and academic researchers can help you. 

We can conduct market research to explore the viability of your product, and help you to understand its market fit. We can also help you to enrol stakeholders through an authoritative third-party report which communicates your concept, its potential, and shared living best practice. This can pave the way for good relationships and planning, development and operational success

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Conscious Coliving has a
broad and holistic knowledge of the shared living sector, including
research-backed insights into what makes shared urban living socially and environmentally impactful. The team was a pleasure to work with, and we'd be happy to work with them again in the future.

Before reaching out to Conscious Coliving we were looking for comprehensive and concise research about coliving that we could share with investors, planners and other important stakeholders. The team showed a strong understanding of the shared living sector and its nuances. Their research included in-depth insights into the UK and European shared living sectors, as well as a compelling analysis of the social, environmental and economic impact of coliving communities.

As part of our planning application in Leeds, Conscious Coliving were instrumental in communicating our shared living concept and its social and environmental benefits through an authoritative report. They also worked with us in developing a detailed management plan. We found the team to be highly knowledgeable, and a good cultural fit with our wider project team. I was happy with their outputs and am pleased to recommend them.

Conscious Coliving supports shared living businesses and communities to embed social, environmental and financial value through research-based content, education and consulting. 

Since 2018, we have been supplying the coliving industry with timely and relevant research and reports. 

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