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As investing in coliving is still quite misunderstood, we wanted to share some insights about the coliving investment ecosystem and the demand and growth of the coliving sector to date. 

To learn more about the different actors involved in the coliving development and investment ecosystem to date, you can download the Coliving Ecosystem Report

You can also read Coliving Insights No.4: Invest, Develop, Operate & Scale, to better understand the coliving life cycle and actors involved in investing in shared living schemes. 

Coliving investment

The demand for coliving is growing

  • Coliving is growing rapidly in economically prosperous cities with housing shortages, with the Millennial demographic the key target market of most coliving operators (JLL, 2019c) 
  • Millennials make up the largest demographic worldwide (Knight Frank, 2018)
  • Investors and developers are also beginning to realise the potential of coliving for retirees, baby boomers and families – this is only the beginning for coliving! 

Investment in coliving continues to grow

  • Global funding for coliving has increased by more than 210 percent annually since 2015, totaling more than US$3.2 billion (JLL, 2019c)
  • Coliving is predicted to have a market potential at $550 billion across Europe and the US once the sector matures (Cushman & Wakefield, 2019b)
  • As the market matures, institutional investment has become more commonplace (Cooper, 2020)
  • As demand for coliving rises, investors are beginning to see coliving as a tested niche subsector, comparable to student housing (JLL, 2019c)
  • COLIV, the world’s first institutional large-scale coliving fund was launched by DTZ Investors and The Collective in 2019, with an aim of raising up to £650million of capital for the funding of six to ten purpose-built coliving developments that will have an estimated gross asset value of £1 billion within ten years.
  • In June 2020, Ivanhoé, Bouwinvest and Greystar launched a €1 billion coliving investment joint venture that will target acquisitions of new coliving developments, including ground-up developments and projects already under construction. (Inrev, 2020)

Coliving has proved to be COVID-19 resilient

  • Coliving has been reported to be a resilient asset class during lockdown (Cooper, 2020; Brown, 2020; McDannell, 2020), even outperforming traditional multifamily (Common, 2020, Cushman & Wakefield 2020)
  • During lockdown, there were reports of the sense of community in coliving being regarded as a highly positive factor by residents (Armstrong, 2020; Birch, 2020; Cottica, 2020). The coworking / communal areas with coliving also facilitate working from home 
  • Research indicates that a person can reduce his/her exposure to other individuals by more than 95% when living in coliving spaces, compared to when taking a typical daily commute (Ikink et al., 2020)

Alternative forms of real estate investments

  • The impact investing market is worth over $502 billion, which comprises investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return (GIIN 2019). 
  • Purpose driven real estate investors and impact investors are getting interested in the coliving sector, as the alternative asset class can provide social, economic and environmental impact. Investors such as FORE Partnership and Bridges Israel Fund have invested in impact-driven coliving companies like Mason & Fifth and Venn
  • According to research from both the Harvard Business Review and the Financial Times, sustainable companies and investments are more likely to outperform companies that do not have corporate sustainability strategies.

Doing good business makes great business sense

The (triple) bottom line here is that doing good business makes great business sense. The CEO of Blackrock, the world’s largest private equity firm, has declared over the years that climate risk is investment riskMost recently, Blackrock stated it could vote against company directors that fail to provide credible climate plans and is pushing its investees to become net-zero. That said, we believe that: 

coliving businesses
have the responsibility and opportunity
to invest in their stakeholders to create communities
that support profit, people and the planet!

This has a direct implication on business models. You can explore further in the Coliving Business Model guide and the Coliving Research page. We are developing a Coliving Impact Framework to help coliving businesses measure their social, environmental and economic impact

You can read more about this impact framework and also dive into all things Social Value in our Coliving Blog article: “Social value in Coliving: Embedding social, environmental and economic impact in coliving“. 

Coliving Investment Support

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Although growing rapidly, coliving is still a relatively small industry and an insider’s perspective is crucial to identifying the best investment opportunities. 

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