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What is Coliving Insights?

Coliving Insights, Conscious Coliving’s think-tank and research partner, is an innovative research lab and media platform dedicated to bringing state-of-the-art insights into the coliving and shared living industry. 

Coliving Insights has been releasing quarterly publications since December 2019 and is now one of the leading media platforms and magazines for the coliving sector. They are managed by Coliving Ventures, the venture manager behind both Coliving Insights and Coliving Awards.  

2022 Editions

Coliving Insights x Coliving Awards Special Edition

Coliving Awards sheds a light on the projects and creative minds which are pushing the shared living industry forwards, and this publication is the opportunity to discover the winners, finalists and honourable mentions of the 2022 ceremony that was held in Katowice, Poland during the World Urban Forum.

The purpose of Coliving Awards is to give visibility to the most creative minds and inspire the next generation of shared living players by showcasing innovative solutions and novel concepts.

The edition also features the partners and sponsors that have supported Coliving Awards throughout this edition, as well as presents the jury panel of industry leaders, creatives, influencers and experts in the shared living sector who contribute to ensure a high level of competition and evaluations.

2021 Editions

Coliving Insights Nº8
Branding & Marketing for Authentic Shared Living Communities

With an increasingly competitive landscape in the coliving sector, creating strong brands and products will be essential moving forward. In order to stand the test of time, coliving brands will have to walk the talk and ultimately create timeless offers that not only preach about community, sustainability and wellbeing, but embed them throughout their whole brand, business and operational strategies. 

Coliving Insights N°8 features those that are helping make that happen through strong marketing, branding and communication strategies and campaigns.

In this edition Coliving Insights champions those who are making it possible for coliving brands to communicate and express themselves with authenticity and flair. 

Coliving Insights N°8 looks into how branding and marketing strategies reflect wider brand values, mission, vision and identity and how coliving operators use various touchpoints to increase brand recognition and reach.

Coliving Insights Nº7
Spatial Design & Architecture for Coliving

The built environment is responsible for an overwhelming amount of carbon emissions and our cities, suburbs and rural villages are packed with vacant properties waiting to fill the gap in the housing crisis and revitalise the centres in which they dwell. So there is no doubt that the way we design, renovate and build our cities – and the homes within them – needs to be completely reconsidered to respond to these global health, climate, economic and housing crises. Coliving Insights N°7, Spatial Design & Architecture for Coliving, therefore explores the world’s most innovative shared living designs and how they are setting the stage for new ways to live, work and play with one another for decades to come. 

With first-hand accounts and insights from some of the leading experts in the field, this edition is not just a roadmap for creating communal, sustainable, safe and healthy spaces. It’s a collection of inspiring stories and ideas that can only serve to kick off the next wave of design thinking and architectural ingenuity. Coliving Insights highlights the cutting-edge techniques and concepts that are revolutionising shared living for the better of both society and the planet.

Coliving design and architecture is really about facilitating what happens in ‘in between the walls’ through intentionally designed spaces. By putting the user first, the contributors in this edition show how they are using design to create a new era of flexible, sustainable and comfortable shared living spaces.

Coliving Insights Nº6
Fostering thriving communities in shared living

After over a year of social isolation and quarantining becoming the norm, we need to vouch even stronger for a return to community and authentic connection. The potential of coliving will be defined by its streamlined operations, sustainable and natural design, but most importantly by the flourishing of its communities. In order to foster communities that thrive, we – as an industry – need to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources to do so. The sixth edition of Coliving Insights – Fostering thriving communities in shared living – aims to do just that.

This edition explores the best practices and case studies when it comes to community in coliving. Coliving Insights brings together the most inspiring and innovative examples from coliving operators, experience designers, consultancies, tech platforms, community builders and more in regards to how best to foster authentic communities in coliving.

Read along to get valuable insights and know-how on how to build and nurture a thriving community in a coliving business, and discover relevant B2B and B2C coliving networks that can support you to foster your community.

Coliving Insights x Coliving Awards Special Edition
Fostering Innovation Within Coliving

As the main partner of Coliving Awards, the first-ever ceremony dedicated to highlighting key innovators, actors and ideas that are shaping the coliving industry, Coliving Insights released a special edition back in May 2021. With this publication, Coliving Insights and Coliving Awards showcase the awarded projects and practices that are shaping the future of coliving and introduce the winners, partners, jury and other contributors of the 2021 Coliving Awards.

Coliving Awards sheds a light on the projects and creative minds which are pushing the coliving industry forwards, and this publication is the opportunity to discover the winners, finalists and honourable mentions of this first-ever ceremony. Their creativity, innovation and originality are propelling the coliving sector to new heights and setting a quality standard within the industry, and this special edition dives deep into the reasons behind their success.

From its early beginnings to the ceremony, this exclusive edition unfolds Coliving Awards’ creation and history. The purpose of Coliving Awards is to give visibility to the most creative minds and inspire the next generation of real estate market players by showcasing innovative solutions and novel concepts.

Coliving Insights Nº5
Co-Tech: Innovating Coliving with Technology

Technology serves to enhance the evolution of the coliving sector. But how can you integrate it to your coliving business model? This edition only scratches the surface of what the real estate has to offer in terms of digital transformations.
Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics, smart appliances and property management apps are not just nice, shiny instruments that will legitimise your coliving space further in the eye of both consumers and investors. They are a means to an end. What truly distinguishes coliving from any other real estate asset class is the community experience. And with these tools of modern technology, along with innovative business practices such as design thinking and growth-driven design, coliving is primed to offer a community experience like never before.
This edition includes 140+ pages of insights from 25+ contributors that dive deep into the significance of technology solutions that we find within the real estate industry, and explore how to integrate them to innovate and enhance your coliving space, experience, operations, profitability and sustainability.

2020 Editions

Coliving Insights Nº4
Invest, Develop, Operate & Scale

This was Coliving Insight’s fourth publication in just one year. This edition, entitled “Invest, Develop, Operate & Scale“, focuses on the different development phases involved in creating thriving coliving communities:

  • Investment
  • Development
  • Operations
  • Scaling

This edition aims to support the coliving industry in achieving maturity, market consolidation and institutionalisation. This edition explores many aspects of the coliving investment, development and operations cycles, and claims that not only is coliving here to stay, but it has performed quite memorably these past few months while the world has experienced one of its biggest shocks in generations. 

The edition concludes that a lot of work still needs to be done for the coliving sector to evolve into a fully-fledged asset class that delivers quality housing, environmental sustainability, social impact and long-term returns for all stakeholders.

Coliving Insights Nº3
Impact & Sustainability in Coliving

The third edition entitled “Impact & Sustainability in Coliving” brings in over 30 industry experts and researchers with over 180+ pages of insights from around the real estate, sustainability and coliving industries, exploring several topics throughout 5 main chapters: 

  • Social Value in Coliving
  • Policy & Investments
  • Wellbeing & Sustainability 
  • Social & Economic Impact
  • Technology & Innovation 

This edition offers practical solutions, innovative approaches and methodologies to push the coliving sector towards more impactful, sustainable and meaningful developments and communities.

Coliving Insights Nº2
Is Coliving Here To Stay?

The second edition entitled “Is Coliving Here To Stay?” gave exclusive insights into the state and health of the coliving industry amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, with contributions from 15+ key thought leaders and deep dives into industry-exclusive knowledge. 

This edition shares insider statistics, data, and experience on how operators have been handling the crisis.

The second edition also featured insights from 30+ Co-Liv industry events, brought on different market perspectives – amongst others from student housing, hospitality and senior housing operators – and catalysed the start of an established content partnership between both organisations. 

This edition concludes that coliving is here to stay as an industry – and that the true question will be how coliving is going to evolve in the near future.

Coliving Insights Nº1
Exploring Coliving as an Innovate Housing Solution

The first edition entitled “Exploring Coliving as an Innovate Housing Solution” provides a 150+ page report with a unique perspective on the coliving sector including a bottom-up analysis and comparison of 28 operators. 

This edition explores the following: 

  • What are current coliving models and how do they differ from other residential templates?
  • What do they have to offer?
  • Are they sustainable?
  • What works and what doesn’t?
  • How will they impact our built-environment and the human experience?
For this first edition, Coliving Insights brought together 6 contributors with a unique mix of backgrounds in an attempt to answer these questions. The result is a report which summarises their findings and provides an outlook on where the sector might be headed. It also includes profiles on each operator with their backgrounds, operating models and market positioning.

Conscious Coliving & Coliving Insights

These publications have been included on the Coliving Research page where you can explore further. Also, if you’d like to dive into some of Conscious Coliving’s pieces in past editions of Coliving Insights, you can find some in our blog. 

This article outlines the business case for a strong community, some of the main community-building challenges and how app solutions can help overcome these to facilitate thriving coliving spaces.

It draws on information gathered through desk-based research, demos of software platforms, conversations with coliving operators and tech providers, and the Coliving Mobile Apps Survey sent out to 30+ coliving operators around the world. 

The cover story of edition No.3, written by our co-founder Matt Lesniak, explores how coliving professionals can do their part in providing products and experiences that are inclusive, regenerative and inspiring.

This article explores the “why” of impact and sustainability in coliving, their benefits for the coliving industry in the times ahead and explores our ‘Top 5 Sustainability Innovations in Real Estate’.

In this article from edition No.3, our Head of Spatial Design, Tom Manwell, shares with how coliving spaces can be designed to support individual, community and planetary wellbeing.

Tom explores the research about “What is Wellbeing?”, including The European Social Survey (ESS), The GoodHome Report, The Conscious Coliving Manifesto and The WELL Building Standard.

in this article from edition No.3, our Head of Sustainability & Research, Penny Clark, shares the initial findings of her doctoral research about what makes a community come together to align behind certain values.

Penny brings theory to life by exploring on actions that lead to a more sustainable shared living alternative. The findings in this article are based on in-depth research with two cohousing and two coliving communities in the UK.

Collaborate with Coliving Insights

Coliving Insights offers severals way to contribute to their editions, either as an advertiser, contributor, partner or sponsor:

  • Advertise: advertise and position yourself within the publications to showcase yourself as a leader in the coliving sector. This option does not include extensive editorial support, however, the editorial and design teams of Coliving Insights will support you to make sure that the advertisement is relevant and on-brand.
  • Contributor: become a one-off Paid Contributor, which guarantees you full visibility as a coliving thought leader and provides you with editorial and design support. This option is for individuals and organisations who wish to position themselves at the forefront of the coliving scene for a one-off fee and engagement.  
  • Chapter/Edition Sponsor: Become a sponsor for upcoming editions, which guarantees you full visibility as a coliving thought leader in their magazine and online. You can choose to be the edition sponsor or a chapter sponsor. This option is for the companies who want to be highlighted as the biggest advocates and sponsors of the coliving movement.
  • Think Tank Partner: become an official Think Tank Partner and be guaranteed a spot in 4 upcoming editions and gain exclusive visibility throughout the Coliving Insights communications channels. This partnership offer is for fellow coliving advocates who believe in the growth and the consolidation of the coliving sector and who want to secure consistent exposure in one of the coliving sector’s most niche audiences.

You can learn more about collaborating and partnering up with Coliving Insights in the link below:

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