Connecting Buildings With Their Occupiers

What is Spaceflow?

Spaceflow is a digital tenant experience platform. Integrating data, technology, and people, Spaceflow helps landlords connect with their occupiers, streamline repetitive, time-consuming operations, and gain insights into crucial ESG factors. The all-in-one platform

  • Digitizes tenant-facing management processes such as ticketing, booking, documenting
  • Helps in-building communities thrive via newsfeed and events
  • Enables access control, visitor management and mobile payments with smart building features
  • Offers a sustainable living experience with insights into energy and water consumption, emissions, air quality and more.

Find out how Spaceflow works on this page by discovering the multiple use cases that the app unlocks.

Reasons Why Top Landlords Use Spaceflow

Digitize Your

Issue reporting, document management, resource booking – collect all property operations under one roof and decrease property managers’ workload, reduce hassles for occupiers and boost efficiency. 

Enhance Your

Promote events, bring in service partners, gather opinion polls, share news and stay in touch via messaging to bring a sense of community to your property. 

A Remote Control
of Your Building

Make papers, keys and credit cards a thing of the past. Oversee visitor registrations, manage contactless entry for all space users, accept payments, offer promotions and discounts from one platform.

Harness Your Sustainability Strategy

With Smart Metering, make use of real-time data to use energy more efficiently, reduce costs, and support your sustainability and wellness goals. Monitor energy consumption, temperature, CO2, air quality, occupancy, humidity and more.

Comprehensive – Spaceflow is the ideal digital layer for all types of properties. We’ve successfully deployed our solution at mixed-use properties, build-to-rent apartment buildings, co-living spaces, student accommodations, and everything in between. Spaceflow delivers a single digital link to services, amenities and smart building features. It combines the tech and systems you need to make your building frictionless for occupiers and easy to control for managers: data visualization tools, access and visitor management, communication, reservations, and beyond. 

User Friendly – We designed Spaceflow from the ground up to be a simple yet powerful tool with no learning curve. Your managers and users won’t need to be trained to use Spaceflow for their daily tasks, because the entire platform was built to be as accessible as it is powerful. Managers and users alike will be able to easily access everything they need to work, manage and live with our platform.

Easily Customizable – Spaceflow scales to offer exactly what your team needs. Every Spaceflow plan includes our core OS, which includes fundamental functionalities like Newsfeed and Analytics. Beyond Spaceflow OS, clients are able to choose between different suites of solutions based on their needs.

Sustainable – Spaceflow serves what creates change in today’s world – environment and people. By smart metering technology that offers real-time data to measure energy consumption, CO2, air quality, humidity and temperature in the building; the tool helps tenants reach their sustainability and well-being goals.

Meaningful – By creating communities that join hands in a common purpose such as sustainability and social connectivity; Spaceflow creates a sense of belonging to the building, and fosters loyalty in tenant & landlord relationships. 

Tenants’ demands and needs in the real estate market are changing with the post-2020 digitalization boom. It is essential for landlords to minimize vacant space whilst simultaneously increasing asset value through progressive initiatives. Weak tenant-centric capability and lack of data about tenants’ needs and satisfaction might lead to loss of competitive advantage and thus losing occupiers.

Spaceflow helps landlords improve the building standard and tenant retention: having a tenant experience program in place means a holistic digital experience, highly personalized services based on behavioral data about tenants and community management support to attract and retain tenants.

Spaceflow in Numbers

  • 30,000+ – residential units contracted
  • 20 – languages supported
  • 70% – of users say that thanks to Spaceflow they stay up to date on building updates
  • 68% – of occupants claim that Spaceflow has enhanced their life in the building

Spaceflow Coliving Case Studies

Ressourcerækkerne, owned by Orange Capital Partners, is a modern sustainability-focused apartment complex located in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Multifamily, 92 Units. 

Orange Capital Partners

 Spaceflow app allows residents to plan and share events, reserve amenity spaces and publish news about anything: food events, local services, classified ads, maintenance updates, or building info such as a solar panel installation project. 

Tenants can also share ideas and feedback about anything happening in the building, to make living more enjoyable and collaborative. This gives the landlord a comprehensive view of everything happening in the building to make better decisions and arrangements. 

Gravity has been powered by Spaceflow since September 2019 with 4 locations across London, United Kingdom. 

Co-living, 219 Units

Spaceflow app makes professional services such as mentorships, co-working spaces and educational courses easily accessible to members, which adds value and enables an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Without Spaceflow, Gravity would be using multiple platforms to organize communications as well as spending valuable time and energy connecting the various softwares. Spaceflow’s ticketing system has allowed us to better organize and prioritize our time spent at each of our properties, as well as helping us to set various KPI’s surrounding maintenance and cleaning issue resolution times, resulting in a more efficient operational process."

Spaceflow Team

Lukas Balik

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CCO

Anna Gafvert Veloso

Head of Customer Success

Petr Boruta

Head of Marketing

Melis Karabulut

Partnerships & Events Specialist

conscious community facilitation

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