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For your Shared Living Business

Are you a shared living business looking to learn more about impact and sustainability? Embedding impact and sustainability into your strategies, designs and operations is no longer a nice-to-have, it is now vital for your business, stakeholders and the planet.

Embedding impact into the core of your business model can help you to: 

  1. Attract aligned investors, customers, staff, partners and other important B2B and B2C stakeholders;
  2. Maintain strong accountability for your residents, staff, shareholders and local stakeholders;
  3. Facilitate planning approvals and align with city / regional / international sustainability standards;
  4. Create engaging impact-driven marketing material and branding strategies.

As a collective of researchers, urbanists, international development experts and real estate professionals we support impact-driven shared living businesses and communities to embed ESG and social value through research-based content, education and consulting.

We have been developing bespoke products and services that are dedicated to supporting shared living businesses in understanding how to enhance their social, environmental and economic impact. You can see these below.

Shared Living Impact Workshops

How to embed ESG & social value into your shared living business: Developing and communicating your impact strategy

ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and social value (social, environmental and economic impact) is vital to your business and has become more and more important for investors, municipalities, staff and consumers.

However, demonstrating social value and implementing an impact strategy can seem bewildering – where do you begin?

This interactive workshop series is for shared living operators, who may be in the development or operational stage, and want to learn about creating, measuring, reporting and communicating social valueOur Impact Workshops will provide guidance on getting started with, or on refining, your impact strategy.  

Workshop testimonials

“Before the workshop, I felt quite new to the topic of impact in shared living. Afterwards, I felt I could already begin developing an impact strategy for Upside. I appreciated the examples of different impact frameworks and on branding. If you are looking for some guidance on how to embed ESG and social value into your shared living business, I highly suggest joining one of their future workshops.”

Cristina Talpau, Community Manager, Upside/SRG, Dubai

“Conscious Coliving consists of experts from a wide range of coliving-reated areas, which supports a holistic approach to the topic. This workshop was a great proof for that. Very informative, backed by a research and solid examples, as well as interactions and brainstorming between attendees. Good combination of delivering knowledge and creating space for detailed questions. Thank you! I am looking forward to more of the workshops.”

Kasia Peleszuk, Accommodation Happiness Manager, flOasis.io

“A very knowledgeable team, with interesting insights on ESG. Thanks!”

Eve Bourguignon, Head of Design and Sustainability, Colonies

Would you like shared living impact workshops for your team?

Bespoke Impact Consulting Services

Are you looking to develop your own impact strategy, and would you like to receive bespoke consulting on how to do so? 

We can work with your teams to develop an impact strategy and model tailored to your needs, which will ultimately enable your business to develop, measure, report and communicate on your impact and sustainability. This service begins with a scoping exercise to understand how you can best enhance your impact using current and proposed strategies and metrics. This scoping exercise consists of: 

  1. Identifying the core impact and sustainability objectives of your business and wider stakeholders; 
  2. Understanding what is missing from your current business strategies and activities in regards to impact and sustainability;
  3. Analysis of how your current business strategies and activities can be complemented with other ESG / social value / impact best practices; 
  4. Recommendations from our team for the development of a bespoke impact framework and model.

The deliverables from the scoping exercise will include a baseline report that we will present to relevant team members from across the company, in order to promote a shared understanding of our proposed impact strategy and model across departments, management and shareholders.

Based on the outcomes of scoping exercise, we can further support you in the process of developing a fully integrated impact framework and model.

If you are interested in developing, embedding and/or enhancing your social, environmental and social impact, book an exploratory call with our Head of Impact & Innovation, Matt Lesniak, here:

Coliving Impact Framework

When we look at current available impact frameworks, we don’t see anything that brings together the three core aspects of The Conscious Coliving Manifesto v3.0 – community, wellbeing and sustainability. In particular, we see that metrics which measure the unique social benefits of coliving are lacking

Conscious Coliving has been developing an Impact Framework specifically designed to encapsulate the benefits of coliving, which will encourage the sector to value its unique positive social, economic and environmental impacts. 

We see this framework serving as an industry standard for coliving operators, developers and investors to measure and report the impact they contribute to their residents, neighborhoods and cities. We look forward to sharing it with you. You can find out more about The Coliving Impact Framework and how to get involved here.

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