Conscious Coliving Launches Trailer for Season 1 Podcast Series: Coliving Conversations

Tuesday, July 12th, 2022

Fulfilling the Full Potential of Thriving Coliving Communities

Multiple award-winning start-up, Conscious Coliving, has released their much-anticipated trailer for the first Season of their exciting Podcast Series, entitled Coliving Conversations; coinciding with this year’s United Nations World Population day commemorated every year on 11th July. 

Head of Community & Wellbeing at Conscious Coliving, Naima Ritter Figueres, offers a sneak peek into the show that shines a light on the people, projects and places of the blossoming shared living movement. In a quick excerpt of the trailer, she outlines the premise of the full series, which will be hosted on various platforms. 

Ritter Figueres opens the Coliving Conversations trailer by asking, “Did you know that shared living could help solve the environmental, loneliness and housing crises, all at once? 

“Since 2018 Conscious Coliving has been at the forefront of this up-and-coming global movement, researching key trends, publishing award-winning content and co-creating with those who are shaping the industry.” 

Naima is joined by industry expert co-hosts Matt Lesniak, Dr Penny Clark and Juan Ortiz for in-depth conversations with various inspiring additional in-studio guests. These guests include best-selling authors, public speakers and many others who have their hands on the levers of change in the shared-living industry.

“In each episode, we will deep-dive into key topics, including business models and technology, as well as enhancing community wellbeing and sustainability to foster deep re-connection with ourselves, others and nature. Together we will explore how shared living is already tackling some of the biggest challenges that we face today, and how to scale it in the way the world needs.” Naima concludes. 

Feel free to listen to the full Coliving Conversations Podcast Trailer by clicking the icon:  

About the Podcast: 

Season 1: Coliving Conversations

The first four episodes of the season will kick off with new podcasts aired every two weeks; where in each episode, Naima will be joined by her fascinating co-hosts for insightful conversations with the movers and shakers of the blossoming shared living industry. 

This podcast series predominantly asks the question, “How is shared living already tackling some of the biggest challenges that we face today, AND how can we scale it in the way that the world needs?” 

It will shine insight into the latest trends shaping the industry and discuss multiple successful case studies with loads of practical tips.  

Here’s the lineup for Season 1 [Part A]  (First 4 Episodes): 

Episode 1 

Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Title: The Transformational Power of Coliving  (& How To Scale Well) 

Studio Guest: Gui Perdrix

About the Guest: Gui is Director of Co-Liv, the global association for coliving professionals and the author of two books: The Art of Coliving, which captures insights from over 200 operators from around the world, and the award-winning Community Facilitation Handbook. 

We dive into conversation with him to explore what’s behind the name “Art of Coliving,” key findings from his research, how to avoid some of the most common mistakes that coliving operators make and tips on how to scale transformative shared living. 

Episode 2 

Date: Tuesday, August 30, 2022  

Title: Shared Living and the cultivation of thriving friendships in adulthood – Adults Need Friends Too (& How to Make Them)

Studio Guest: Kat Vellos 

About the Guest: Kat Vellos is a speaker, connection coach and author of the book “We Should Get Together: The Secret to Cultivating Better Friendships”. In this episode, we explore the topic of loneliness, the importance of adult friendships, and how coliving can foster them. 

Episode 3 

Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2022  

Title: Shared Living and the Climate Emergency: A Time for Optimism

Studio Guest: Tom Rivett-Carnac

About the Guest: Tom Carnac is the host of the award-winning podcast Outrage and Optimism and co-author of the best-selling book The Future We Choose. 

In this conversation, he shares with us the critical mindsets we need for creating the future we want and how community can accelerate us in getting there.

Episode 4 

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Title: ESG in Real Estate & Hospitality: Now, a “Must Have”

Studio Guest: Amber Westerborg

About the Guest: Amber Westerborg is Director of Sustainability & Impact of The Student Hotel, one of the largest shared living and hospitality brands in Europe, which has recently received several green loans. 

In this episode, we explore how ESG is transforming investment and development in the shared living sector.

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About Conscious Coliving 

Conscious Coliving is a dynamic and forward-thinking team supporting the global shared living movement. They help shared living businesses and communities to embed social, environmental and financial value through research-based content, education and consulting. In an era where humanity is suffering from many complex and interconnected crises including loneliness, mental health, housing, and environmental crises,  shared living solutions can help by fostering a deep connection to ourselves, others and nature. This reconnection work is needed to co-create the future we all want and deserve.  

The Conscious Coliving team consists of industry professionals who specialise in the topics of Shared Living Market Research, Sustainability, Community & Well-being, Impact & Innovation, Spatial Design, Real Estate & Finance, Business Models, and User Experience. They also have developed an extensive network of partners to support them in their research, educational outreach, and consulting work. 

The Conscious Coliving in 2022 and Beyond website section addresses every facet of coliving; the benefits, challenges, locations and much more. 

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